Download Facebook Lite Latest Version 389.

 Download Facebook Lite Latest Version 389.

The latest version of Facebook Lite APK, 389. (502301377), is a compact version of Facebook tailored for smooth performance on low-end phones, particularly in areas with limited internet connectivity. With a size of less than 1MB, it occupies only about 2.80 of device space. Unlike the regular Facebook app, FB Lite does not preload photos, opting to download them in low resolution for quick viewing. High-resolution versions are automatically downloaded when the user taps on the photos.

Download Facebook Lite

Size: 2.2 MB

Last Updated: January 10, 2024

Developer: Facebook

Version: 389. (502301377)

Requirement: Android 2.3 and up

MD5: 84be13b2d5d15fc69d320e72e972d81e

SHA1: 733c46aefd775a44df10adb3a862b636ff57fb8a

Facebook Lite App Review:

Facebook Lite for Android provides a familiar and intuitive experience, resembling the conventional app but redesigned for efficiency. Notable differences include the relocation of the status posting bar to the top side of the app. Despite a different design layout, the basic tabs (News Feed, Friends Requests, Messages, Notifications, Search, and Options) maintain the same order.

Text and buttons are larger, catering to low-resolution screens. The notifications panel features small, low-resolution images to signify interactions with user posts. The interface exhibits a semi-modern look with a grey background, predominantly blue and white. The absence of a border between the notification bar and screen sides gives the app a slightly compressed appearance.

FB Lite includes a built-in messaging feature, eliminating the need for a separate app. However, it lacks some features present in Messenger, such as message bubbles, timestamps, and read receipts.


  • Quick installation
  • Space-saving
  • Efficient data usage
  • Better connectivity on poor networks


  • Interface design requires improvement

How to Use:

Upon opening the app, users are presented with two options: Signup or login, each taking under five minutes. Basic information like email or phone number is required, and activation confirmation is done through email or a provided code. After registration, users can navigate through News Feed, Friends Requests, Messages, Notifications, Search, and Options. Posting a status involves clicking the box under the features panel, including photos, tagged friends, activities, and feelings. The logout button is available under the options feature.


Improvements for reliability and speed.

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