Downloading eFootball™ 2024 8.1.0

Downloading eFootball™ 2024 8.1.0 

eFootball™ for Android is designed for those who want to experience modern football’s attacking and defensive elements and incorporate them into the game as easy-to-execute commands. With eFootball™, players can enjoy a realistic football experience with advanced graphics and animations. The game features a variety of modes, including online multiplayer, where players can compete against each other from around the world.

eFootball™ 2024 File Information

  • Last updated: October 6, 2023
  • Developer: KONAMI
  • Version: 8.1.0 (308010001)
  • Requirement: Android 7.0 and up
  • File size: 59.3 MB
  • Uploaded: October 6, 2023 at 11:11AM GMT+07
  • MD5: 3a6daff0241f695a108670c4e0724344
  • SHA1: 5626e179c746159457407adabbdac8ac635efa0c
  • Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

eFootball™ 2024 app review

In addition, eFootball™ provides a range of customization options, enabling players to craft their own teams and players. The game also boasts a diverse selection of licensed teams and players from across the globe. Overall, eFootball™ stands as an outstanding choice for enthusiasts seeking to relish the thrill of contemporary football within a mobile gaming experience.

The gameplay in eFootball™ 2024 surpasses PES, showcasing enhanced pace, weight, passes, through balls, and player movement. Another IMDb review commends the refined gameplay, distinguishing it from FIFA or Dream League.

However, the gameplay has undergone significant fluctuations with each data update, with the initial release being notably problematic. This evaluation centers on the gameplay in Update 2.0, which exhibits improvement but still requires fine-tuning.

Graphics in eFootball™ 2023 present a mixed picture. While player faces and models exhibit high quality, the quality of the grass resembles that of the PS3 era. Version 2.2 delivers the most refined gameplay since version 1, yet the graphics still have room for enhancement.

Playing eFootball™ has been an immensely gratifying experience, amplified by the weekly events that add an extra layer of enjoyment. The game is making strides, but it still needs to define its path. Ultimately, the value of eFootball™ may vary from person to person.


  • eFootball™ Mobile update introduces significantly smoother gameplay, an improved UI, new animations, updated models, and authentic matches.
  • It exudes a mature vibe, setting it apart from FIFA or Dream League. Playing the game has been a delightful experience, with the weekly events enhancing the fun factor.


  • While eFootball™ is enjoyable, it lacks a certain level of polish. Tactic creation options are limited, and occasional unresponsiveness can occur.
Tips for Playing:
  1. Strategize Your Formation: Formations wield substantial influence in eFootball™. Choose a primary formation that aligns with your playing style.
  2. Collaborate with Teammates: Coordinated play within a team significantly improves your chances of victory. Collaborate with your teammates to create scoring opportunities.
  3. Leverage Tricks and Techniques: Employ various tricks and strategies to enhance your gameplay. Utilize skill moves to outmaneuver defenders, execute through balls for chances, and make effective use of set pieces for goals.
  4. Personalize Your Team: eFootball™ offers extensive customization options for your team and players. Make the most of this feature to assemble a team tailored to your playing preferences.
  5. Consistent Practice: As with any game, regular practice is key to refining your skills in eFootball™. Regular play familiarizes you with game mechanics and elevates your overall gameplay.
In summary, eFootball™ for Android provides a distinct and enjoyable football gaming experience. Reviews are mixed, with some praising gameplay while others critique graphics and certain unpolished aspects. However, strategic tips can enhance the gaming experience. Overall, eFootball™ is a solid choice for football enthusiasts seeking a modern mobile gaming experience.

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