Download Pinterest 11.36.0 for Android and iPhone

Download Pinterest 11.36.0 for Android and iPhone

"You may discover intriguing graphics related to home or interior design that you'd like to compile into a single collection. For this purpose, the latest Pinterest APK version 11.36.0 (11368020) is the ideal application to install. Essentially, it is an application with the capability to gather images from websites and organize them in one place. This app functions like a catalog, offering a vast collection of pictures, photos, and graphics. These files aren't hosted on a server; instead, users need to add a 'pin' and then save it to their account. Any pictures that have been marked with a 'pin' will be displayed on a board. Think of it as a digital folder, where you can move, unpin, or categorize images as you see fit."

Pinterest File Information

  • Developer: Pinterest
  • Version: 11.36.0 (11368020)
  • Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
  • File size: 106 MB
  • Uploaded: October 18 2023 at 12:57PM GMT+07
  • MD5: 84570b05ec3a02255dd8f1b5f78da382
  • SHA1: 7234c4f1bdf6523307fe5300202e2e5f32cb1562
  • Available on Google Play: Install from Google Play

Pinterest app review

"There are numerous applications designed to collect and organize pictures, but Pinterest distinguishes itself with its unique board feature, allowing users to categorize and share their collections with others. If you're unsure about creating a board, you can explore the extensive array of content shared by users, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

One of the key advantages is the wide range of themes and topics available. Whether it's home decoration or breathtaking nature scenes from around the world, Pinterest offers an extensive selection. The topics span across entertainment, nature, photography, social issues, business, and more. Additionally, photographers can use this platform to showcase their work in an organized manner, while artists and graphic designers can leverage it to expand their portfolios and reach a larger audience. It's also a platform for creators to share side projects, like comics or manga that may not be published by major companies, allowing others to enjoy them for free.

Of course, like any app, there are both pros and cons. One concern is the potential for copyright infringement, a common issue in the digital age. Some photographers may be uncomfortable with their work being shared on this platform. Additionally, there is the possibility of encountering inappropriate content, prompting parents to implement parental controls on their devices to protect their children from unwanted material.


  1. Vast catalog of content available.
  2. User-friendly interface.
  3. Easy to navigate and manage.
  4. Enables efficient organization of collected content.


  1. Some content may be sensitive or inappropriate.
  2. Limited control over copyrighted material.
  3. How to Use:

Using Pinterest is straightforward and user-friendly. You'll need to register as a member to access the full range of features. Initially, you can explore the galleries and images to find what interests you. To narrow down to specific content, simply enter a keyword, and relevant results will be provided promptly. The primary feature of Pinterest for Android is 'pinning' a picture. When you come across an intriguing photo or graphic, tap to pin it to your board. Once you've accumulated the necessary content, head to the board section to start organizing. Initially, your pictures will be arranged randomly, but you can rearrange them as needed. Create specific topics and place the pinned images into their respective groups. It's important to note that unless you adjust the privacy settings, your board will be publicly accessible.

This app is best suited for smartphones, providing a convenient way to access a wealth of references. Keep in mind that while Pinterest gathers content from external sources, you may need to explore various websites to compile the content you desire before pinning them to your board."

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