"Score! Hero: Embark on an Extraordinary Football Journey"

Score! Hero

APK version 3.06 (143). Unlike traditional soccer games, Score! Hero focuses on completing specific challenges in each level rather than winning matches. This means you don't need to worry about every pass, but rather concentrate on key moments like extraordinary goals and game-changing plays. This grants you the freedom to explore all the features the game has to offer. Score! Hero is designed to recreate the crucial moments of each match rather than simulating entire games.

Here are some details about the game:Download APK: 192 MB
Score! Hero File InformationLast updated: October 8, 2023
Developer: First Touch
Version: 3.06 (143)
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
File size: 192 MB
Uploaded: October 8, 2023 at1:28PM GMT+07
MD5: 4e3fa2e1bf14146fccff85aa60b7fd55
SHA1: a7282c00fb0405f6dbfe6798ba05594e71286969

Score! Hero app review

Gameplay: To play this game, control your player by flicking the ball from foot to foot using your finger until a goal is scored. You can also execute a through ball by passing it to the selected player, allowing you to control them while they run towards it. Send an unstoppable free kick over the wall to confuse the goalkeeper. Additionally, you can outsmart the entire team by chipping a lob that covers the entire field, bypassing both horizontally and vertically. The game features an impressive engine that anticipates your strategic moves, thanks to its well-programmed AI, making it a highly enjoyable experience

Technical Details: This game requires approximately 94MB of storage on Android devices and 108MB on iOS. It runs smoothly even on mid-range phones, with minimal lag. On Google Play, Score! Hero boasts a 4.6 rating from over 2.27 million users and has been downloaded by more than 10 million players. One drawback is that if users fail to score a late goal in a match, they must restart the entire match, which can be tiring and frustrating. However, this can be circumvented by watching an ad video to replenish lives without making in-app purchases.

Pros:Engaging and well-structured storyline
Control limited to one player
Flexible gameplay along predefined paths
Easy-to-use swipe-based controls

Cons:Can be confusing if starting in the middle of the game

How to Play: Here are some tips for playing Score! Hero on Android more effectively and efficiently. First, play conservatively at the start, reserving your soccer skills for when they're most needed. Second, remember to slightly zoom in and out for a clearer view when passing or shooting the ball. Third, practice shooting from the corner to familiarize yourself with different soccer situations. Finally, earn more in-game currency by occasionally watching ad videos, but ensure your game is connected to your Facebook account to do so.

ChangeLog: Bug Fixes

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